After Truth

Investigating a world of fake news and misinformation in a post-truth era.

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Russian operatives have targeted Twin Falls, Idaho with a fake anti-immigration campaign launched on Facebook. NBC Left Field investigates.


What's it like to work at a Russian government-funded news outlet in Washington, D.C.? NBC Left Field spent a day at Sputnik News's Washington, D.C. bureau with Lee Stranahan: a former Senior Investigative Correspondent at Breitbart - who now works at Sputnik's new radio station, 105.5 FM.


In January, Richard Spencer, the infamous white nationalist, launched The AltRight Corporation: an organization, registered in the state of Virginia, which aims to unite global factions of the so-called alt-right. His business partner was Jason Jorjani: a book editor and professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.