The Kingdom of God or Nothing

Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) families are being evicted from their Utah stronghold of Short Creek. Divisions between current and former members of the FLDS church lie at the heart of the problem.

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Life After Fundamentalism

Polygamy is still practiced among numerous fundamentalist sects of Mormonism in Utah, despite being officially illegal. We follow the lives of those who've left these communities as they attempt to build new worlds for themselves.

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The FLDS broke away from mainstream Mormonism in order to continue the practice of polygamy. They established the community of Short Creek along the Utah/Arizona border to follow their beliefs in isolation. In 2011, their prophet Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison (plus 20 years) for sexual abuse of two of his child brides, ages 12 and 15.


Although the mainstream Mormon church abandoned polygamy over 100 years ago, many splinter groups across Utah still practice plural marriage. One such group is the Kingston Clan, known to members as The Order. The Kingstons live in Salt Lake City and run their religion like a secretive business empire.